Uzbechka is located in Moscow International Domodedovo Airport.

Dear friends,

We have a special offer for those who love football and intend to support the Russian team at the 2017 FIFA Confederations Cup which takes place on June 17-July 2 in Moscow, St Petersburg and Sochi.

Get your 10% off our menu from June 9 till July 2 simply by showing your FAN ID.

Moreover, we will show the Cup games.

Join us to enjoy the beauty of the football game together!

Architecture and Interiors of the restaurant are designed in traditional style like an old farm in Uzbek village. We used all attributes of countryside life like arykwater channel, water-mill, clay roof with bright red poppies (they usually bloom in spring on roofs).

We used only natural materials, which create unforgettable national atmosphere —antique clay bricks from the real medieval brick wall, a vine, handmade ceramic tableware from Samarkand.

Russian and Uzbek Chefs work at the restaurant and cook traditional dishes. We used only fresh and natural products brought from Uzbekistan.

Скидка 15% владельцам карты «Завсегдатай»



International Airport Domodedovo 2nd floor, sector C, Russian departure area
24 hours
+7 495 967-88-16

Open map Domodedovo

3rd floor, International departure area, opposite of 28 and 29 gates
24 hours
+7 495 995-12-08

Open map Sheremetyevo, terminal D

Gates: 111, 112, 113, 114
24 hours
+7 495 995-13-93

Open map Sheremetyevo, terminal B